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Star Games shoe edge fashion: Zodiac NIKE running shoes of a Kind of - Aries 2005-09-18 09:35:18 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close The young people are interested in fashion NIKE will not understand, right? But I loyal fans NIKE sneakers, oh, 2005 already more than half gone, we take a look at this year's series is how NIKE running shoes and 12 pairs of men and women constellation touch. Aries passion and vitality, forthright altogether, cheerful, a suitable running shoes should have vibrant colors, free-form features. Aries Men NIKE: NIKE SHOX TURB OZ Aries Men NIKE: NIKE SHOX TURB OZ This set of white, campus red, metallic tri-color running shoes, all colors, but it is no exaggeration to bring out the passion of Aries man personality. Smooth curves, NIKE SHOX pads and forefoot inserts for easy walking, good move for Aries man, it is an excellent choice. Aries NIKE Shoes: WMNS NIKE SHOX TURB OZ Aries NIKE Shoes: WMNS NIKE SHOX TURB OZ The same NIKE SHOX TURB OZ, because it is designed for women, it seems small and chic shoes, shoe compared to white men that paragraph, bright red more assertive Aries women to pursue vibrant, love freedom of personality. Related newsTime: 2008-05-12 10:34, source: Asia Footwear Association Author: Asia Footwear Association Click: sub chart for Reebok Freestyle classic ladies' 08, "fashion city" series Freestyle Madrid shoes. Famous sports brand Reebok recently launched Freestyle 08 classic shoes "fashionable" series in Freestyle Madrid shoes. The shoes with white shoes collocation red flowers, bright gold decorative embellishment in the meantime, the most unique design is the design of black lace Cheap jordans online map for Reebok Freestyle classic shoes 08 "fashionable" series in Freestyle Madrid shoes. famous sports brand Reebok recently launched Freestyle 08 classic shoes "fashionable" series in Freestyle Madrid shoes. The shoes with white shoes collocation red flowers, bright gold decorative embellishment in the meantime, the most unique design is the design of black lace decoration, skirt, inspired by flamenco girl wide folds, swaying. Freestyle classic shoes 08 "fashionable" series in Tokyo, Paris, New Delhi, Madrid, London and New York, the big six fashion theme, the cultural characteristics of the six city and modern fashion in shoes design. from 56 in 1999 to nearly 6000 now; Dongguan shoe merchants have doubled 10 years in 100 years. Yesterday, the shoe material industry association of Dongguan, representing the sound of Dongguan shoe manufacturers, was officially established in houjie. after the establishment of the association, will contact the cleaner production center of Dongguan University of Technology, and strive to make breakthroughs in environmental protection shoes materials, in order to cope with the increasingly high standards of inspection and testing at home and abroad. shoe material merchant 10 years, hundred times , the newly established Dongguan shoe industry association, the Houjie leather market, South Peak International leather shoes materials trading center, Houjie Yuanlong leather market, Manulife leather, Dongguan Wanhua Leather Co. Ltd. and other industry representative enterprises initiated the establishment of the first president is Peiji. the purpose of the establishment of the association is to strengthen the communicatio Cheap foamposites for sale n between shoe material circles, to avoid vicious competition among the trades, to promote the development of Dongguan shoes materials and to expand international business opportunities." Association secretary general, vice president of South Feng International leather shoes materials trading center Zhou Weidong said that after the establishment of the association, an important task is to enhance the quality of shoes products industry and environmental protection level. Zhou Weidong told reporters that the domestic and international inspection and testing standards are getting higher and higher, the association is in touch with the cleaner production center of Dongguan University of Technology, and hopes to make breakthroughs in environmental protection shoes materials. , Dongguan has been the distribution center of shoe materials industry, especially in Houjie, Hetian, and so on. At present, there are only 4 market scale on Houjie shoe material. But in 1999, the party Peiji commissioned by the river Tian Village of Hetian Avenue, fellmonger to carry out investigations, the shoe leather business is only 56. At present, the surrounding area has gathered nearly 6000 merchants who operate shoes materials, and the establishment of trade associations is also a problem. At present, there are 118 officially joined the association from Dongguan shoe shoe manufacturers and distributors, most of these enterprises are concentrated in Houjie, but also some from Humen, and a number of road? Hengli Town street. shoe material collection center moved to Dongguan "in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places can not find high-end shoes, in Dongguan can certainly find."." Zhou Weidong said, Cheap foamposites for sale Dongguan shoe materials industry, in addition to many businesses, Qi, there are many high-end shoe products "lurking" in the back. These high-end shoe materials wholesalers, they operate mostly not in the form of stores, but in the form of trading companies. and the head of the Asia Footwear Industry revealed that the Dongguan shoe market is the largest market in the country. "Although held annually in June in Guangzhou shoes Shoetec is the largest professional exhibition of shoes. But as the shoe factory moved to Dongguan and concentrated to form the market, the traditional Guangzhou market gradually lost the function of the single centercontinues the JordanBrand "HistoryofFlight" series of classic color ("HOF" series, the 2014 review) AirJordan13 "HistoryofFlight" was released in July this year. shoe information: AirJordan13 "HistoryofFlight" color: White/UniversityRed-MetallicSilver number: 414571-103 release date: July222017 price: $190 "UNDEFEATED" and "Vans" may be because often see and not feel what is strange, but in fact, though both are inextricably linked, but the formal joint cooperation, a minor far back in 2010. is not surprised? There is one more point, if the removal of this series, the two sides and only two cooperation, but the first is more distant in 2007, it was ten years before. and if you are an old toe, or Vans years of lovers, then you should know that the two sides in the cooperation in the 2007 classic how, even, this series has also been included in the history of one of the 12 best joint UNDEFEATED. You might think that one of the 12 best UNDEFEATED in the history of what is remarkable, brothers, do you remember the cheap foamposites Daming Lake UNDEFEATED x Air Jordan 4? so this is why in this picture was exposed when many "old gun" children heart inexplicable is a long time to. the joint on both sides first cooperation with the classic OG Sk8-Hi LX shoes as the foundation, a total of four colors, which are khaki, orange, blue and black. The combination of these four colors is not some look familiar? Don't worry, look down. but at a glance, you might think that was just OG Sk8-Hi LX in a different color. But you and I both know, UNDEFEATED can not be used so perfunctory to treat Vans and Vault Cooperation (yes, not only Vans, but the high-end extension Vans Vault), or that deal with any brand cooperation. first, the material is quite complex, with leather, suede and canvas three materials together, will be a bright orange and blue, composed of black and khaki combination, and the biggest surprise is that the shoes side. You will find the color depth of the shoe side, and can not see what is a pattern. but if you see this picture, about two shoes in this position put together, you will be hard to recognize this is UNDEFEATED will own the huge text Logo cleverly integrated into the upper joint, highlighting the identity of a surprise. in addition, look at the details. This UNDEFEATED x Vans Vault Logo Sidestripe, a joint tongue at the side edge line using stripes and the same color, and the body of the shoe heel is Vans Vault Off the "Wall" Logo, the waffle sole is replaced by a UNDEFEATED iconic orange. Finally, UNDEFEATED specially customized 〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] In a recent Forbes ranking of the nation's wealth, and Nike co-founder Phil - Knight ( Retro jordans for sale Phil Knight) net assets of $ 13.1 billion ranked No. 24. So, the sporting goods industry tycoon whether it has the intention to enter the NBA? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Knight in a recent interview, a reporter asked whether Knight would consider acquiring Portland (Nike headquarters in Portland) or other professional sports teams, then Answers were given is negative. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "No, I do not think so." Knight when it comes to the possibility of the acquisition team, he said, "I would say: Portland Trail Blazers have a good boss. - Paul Allen is a very good boss " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; that if someone offered to sell the Blazers do? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "I will not buy, I had that age what I think he (Paul - Allen) do very well, I hope he can continue working.." Knight said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Nike launched the What The Dunk for the first time since 2007, "was the echo and affirmation, and by 2012, the design team once again this is crazy and full of creative ideas in one injection on Nike Kobe 7, the general public for the color of the shoes to subvert the cognitive. This' What The Kobe '9 Elite no longer as in the past 7.8 generations by feet different color mix, in contrast it is fresh and elegant, this version will also determine the time for overseas sale in January 11th, before the official listing of the first together to enjoy a series of shoes taken by foreign web sites and real detailed picture! source: Extra ButterIn July 8th adidas Consortium x END x Bodega series of shoes in Taiwan will be sold to a specific store, Haven price is 5280 yuan, Iniki Runner price is 5980 yuan, we hav Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e now released prospecting shoe finishing selling way dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling party mechanism and location please store transaction announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. JUICE-Taipei source: Sneaker News about half a year ago after Adidas UltraBOOST spotted Uncaged caused no small heat of the discussion, this summer is definitely the most exciting new one. The beginning of the end of June finally in the global debut, Taiwan tomorrow to usher in the first wave of selling, before the listing of foreign stores through shooting share, we can first feel the actual wear foot after the effect of three kinds of color in the tone, a little texture in shades of yarn rule but not law, intertwined a casual feeling comfortable, with the characteristics of Primeknit on the vision to show out to look good on the GE people at least Different people, different views., I quite love, do not know how you feel? If you do, you may as well share your foot with us. source: bstnstoreDamian Lillard shooting NBA Live '15' Holiday Skills Challenge 'series of films with the red Adidas D Lillard 1 have a more clear picture. From the appearance of the previous black version of the same type, with socks to build boots. The biggest focus of this model is on the inside of the design, as in the past Lilaard through the Crazy 1 Special Edition, are famous for Portland rose as a representative. In the performance of the tension of the upper surface in addition to previously repeatedly referred to the band, the forefoot using adiPRENE + suspension collocation over common SprintFrame. While the TPU is high heels, prediction is because Cheap air jordans for sale the design of low strength barrel with socks is not enough, use it to complete the necessary support. source: okli19 InstagramConverse's classic All Star was born after 100th anniversary anniversary, a pair of shoes to continue in first Century as long as long as it is not easy, this brand is of course a lot of special planning styles continued to bring shoes fans surprise, and this time around the world the Japanese animation works of "ONE PIECE" cooperation to create a special color, choose All Star 100 the model for the protagonist, showing the familiar cartoon characters to figure full version of the design, with the story of the blood and breath, in addition to the outside of the color section will have black and white style can choose, interested please shoe makers prospecting pay more attention. Converse All Star 100 One Piece PT Hi is scheduled to be listed in Japan in August, priced at 9000 yen, the Taiwan region is currently no news. source: Converse / Hypebeast this summer shoe contracts will expire on Damian Lillard before the statement to test the temperature of the free market, but the parties actively under attack, eventually won by the original signed brand Adidas, signed a contract extension. Lillard said: "for my first two seasons, adidas has been a great help to me.". I have the opportunity to wear many excellent products, and participate in some special versions of shoes design, and join the adidas team to promote around the world, I am looking forward to the future with Adidas development together! "As for Lillard, my progress has been obvious, from the first year of the new king to this year's All-Star line-up and to the fact that the Blazers have won playoff tickets," he said. "The new star is growing.". In 2012, the sixth draft talent picked the Blazers Damian Lillard to become a potential star with 21 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds, expecting Lillard to keep improving and opening up a new wilderness. adidas this year in the NBA all star game held in Canada's famous astronomical landscape lights for the overall design concept, whether basketball shoes or casual style all through the transformation between different materials to point out the theme. Adidas Originals is for two consecutive years through its technology Xeno Special Edition ZX Flux series cater to events, under the suction eye appearance actually contains many ingenuity in them, in addition to having 3M reflective elements added luminous effect, color is playing creative. ZX Flux 'Xeno Borealis' Pack is expected to be on sale in February 13th, $130 for men and $110 for women. source: Sole Collector Forever Faster continue to emphasize the spirit of the brand, and through continuous innovation to become the "fastest sports brand" in the world of PUMA announced in Kaohsiung daluge Caoya start up Taiwan's first children's exclusive PUMA KIDS flagship shop, to provide the most complete series of children to parents to buy goods. PUMA KIDS's flagship Museum in addition to decoration design concept into the original German admiral in the shop, the goods is PUMA KIDS has a full range of movement and sports leisure shoes, clothing, and accessories, and the introduction of Batman and Superman cartoon series, Sesame Street, the complete joint goods store, simple but lovely playful design style and colorful products, let the adults also put it down! The is located in the Kaohsiung daluge Caoya road PUMA KIDS children's flagship Museum, designed by the German CF scale, blue stripe metope collocation rural wooden floor, highlighting the overall simple texture, also let the district product display more distinct, the entire store by warm colors to create a comfortable shopping environment and space. Whether it's professional sports, sports, leisure, or a joint series, clearly defined shopping areas allow consumers to pick products faster than they want. In addition, the independent football shoes commodity zone offers a full choice for kids who love sports to try it on. The store covers an area of about 35 square, spacious room for parents who push baby carriages can easily buy goods, not afraid of the intimate design jam, playful items display is hidden surprises in store, everywhere show kids lively and playful side. in addition to professional sports and leisure items, joint merchandise has always been the pride of PUMA, KIDS series is no exception! The store has gathered the whole series of KIDS joint series of products, from Sesame Street to DC the most popular cartoon character of Batman and Superman, and even super run brand Ferrari branded goods such as children, the children can find their favorite characters in the shop, clothing, shoes and accessories. On the back of PUMA KIDS as a superhero Batman Batman backpack, put on Sesame Street and Elmo, Cookie Monster can become the good friend, PUMA KIDS's flagship museum is a new world and let the kids play imagination. celebrates the opening of the first PUMA KIDS store in Taiwan, and PUMA will prepare a series of exciting opening events on July 30th (six): "PUMA little hero SUMMER training camp". Through the wonderful parent-child interaction game, let more friends and children to feel the PUMA KIDS flagship Pavilion brings the lively atmosphere! In addition, the opening day, all wearing PUMA designated products to take pictures and upload to personal face book, you can also get PUMA hero form cotton candy B. at the same time, PUMA also introduced various shopping discount gifts, from now until July 22nd, where the single consumption full NT$2500〉Nike LeBron 11 "Forging Iron" date of sale is determined 2013-12-08 23:56:19James, who was heading for three consecutive championships, felt a lot of resistance at the beginning of the season, and the heat didn't win as much as expected in the . But like this pair of Nike LeBron 11 "Forging Iron" as the theme, good steel should be thoroughly tempered, grow in the continuous efforts, great players are never yuecuoyueyong. This Nike LeBron 11 "Forging Iron" using different gradient color collocation of orange, pretty perfect to show the steel forging and sparks spectacular scenery. It is reported that this shoe will start selling in November 14th, priced at $250, the number of 626376-800. Nike Air Huarache Light "Safari" is now on sale at 2016-01-04 12:27:22 is rendered by the classic element Safari on the vamp of Air Huarache Light, today exposed its upper feet in kind. Shoes as a whole with white as the keynote, shoe into the Safari elements, let the tide full flavor. And classic shoes deduction makes it easier to be accepted by everyone, oh, I wonder if you are already tempted? It is reported that the shoes have been officially on sale, number 819011-100, love a friend may wish to focus.