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difference: the contrast from the hand and thermal effects, used as raw materials of mink mink cashmere cashmere. Hence, differences between the three kinds of fabric fabric is the cost, thermal effects, handle and fabric villi density and hair loss. The main difference here. Flannel and coral velvet: The difference between and coral fleece flannel: flannel fabrics before weaving is wool by dyeing technology, adding color wool woven blends, the twill weave and weave weaving techniques, at the same time after the felting and rough, woven product has the characteristics of soft and close. Coral cashmere fabric with polyester fiber as raw materials, weaving process mainly through the heating, cooling, deformation, setting, weaving have been improved and upgraded, adding new technology, make the fabric has more rich texture and rich color. The difference between flannel and coral velvet two: from the selection of materials, raw materials used flannel and coral cashmere wool with polyester fiber is very different from the manufactured goods can be found, the more thick flannel fabrics, plush density is very close, the coral fleece villus density relative to the sparse, because of raw materials the reason, the feel of villi are slightly different, flannel feel more soft and delicate, and the thickness of the fabric and warmth are also different, using wool as raw materials of flannel more thick, more warm. were introduced: by the woolen flannel is a soft fabric and suede fabric. Main features: Flannel color plain and elegant, light, grey and dark grey, suitable for the production of spring and autumn men an Cheap air jordans for sale d women jacket and trousers. Flannel of high weight, plush fine and dense, thick fabric, high cost, good heat preservation. Flannel face with a layer of fine clean hair full coverage, gel weave, soft and smooth, the body slightly thinner than bone. After milling, pilling finishing, comfortable, delicate suede. is a kind of mink cashmere, cashmere fabric. Collected from mink (undercoat) as raw materials. Take the gun wool cashmere, processing mechanism after used in apparel industry. Mink cashmere fleece fabric compared to more suitable for high-end apparel industry. The popularity of cashmere fabrics mostly for cashmere fleece, such as begonia. Mink fur has the characteristics of strong, rich color, soft plush appearance. After washing special craft processing, its skin is better, almost no hair, can be worn next to skin allergy. coral fleece is a new type of fabric. As the name implies, colorful, coral velvet, coral textile fabrics showed good coverage. It is a new type of fabric. Delicate texture, soft and not easy to lose hair, no pilling. Do not fade. Without any stimulation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance, rich colors. Common coral fleece with polyester fiber DTY150d/288f and DTY150d/144f as raw materials, fine denier silk, bending modulus is small, so the fabric has excellent softness. Because the fiber density is high, a coral cover, good, like a living coral like soft body, colorful, so called coral fleece. ??????... .cn/u/5572149289 [ ???? ] [ ??????? ] ??? 0Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost bursting popularity makes many friends envy, and Marbury's personal brand Starbury launch of new St Cheap foamposites for sale arbury Yeezy Boost seems to have learned from the design inspiration. The spy is not difficult to find the design with Kanye West line and the other shoe sole is very similar, but the price is very cost-effective Starbury oh. marbury-starbury-yeezy-boost.jpg (86.48 KB, download number: 0) download Stephon Marbury will release a new Starbury Yeezy Boost 2016-5-23 09:24 upload Marbury, Adidas, pictures, products, shoes 00 "Taiwan economic and cross-strait economic and trade prospects" Roundtable; thirteen to four in the afternoon from three to Boao. Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming and Xiao Wanchang, chairman of the common market foundation of the two sides, jointly chaired the meeting. Chen Deming led more than 10 business and academic representatives. Including COSCO Group President Wei Jiafu, TCL chairman and CEO Li Dongsheng, foreign trade university Hua Xiaohong, President of the International Economic Research Institute of HNA Group Chairman Chen Feng, director of the Institute of Tsinghua University Taiwan economic Liu Zhentao, China Railway Group Limited chairman Shi Dahua, chairman of the board of directors of the Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited Liu Changle. "the cross strait common market foundation," the delegation of TSMC chairman Zhang Zhongmou, professor at Tamkang University, Fund Advisory Committee, Su huaxinlihua chairman Jiao Youlun, chairman Gu Chengyun, chairman of TCC Yangming Huang Wangxiu, National Taiwan University professor Chen Tianzhi, fund adviser Zhan Huosheng, CEO and read Hong a spokesman for Wang Yuqi to attend the meeting. Retro jordans for sale on the round table, Xiao Wanchang introduced Taiwan's future economic development strategies and objectives. Business circles on both sides also exchanged views on cooperation in IT, transportation and other fields. Chen Deming said that cross-strait economic and trade cooperation is in a rare period of development opportunities. The mainland will continue to expand the scope of cross-strait economic and trade cooperation, and constantly improve the level of cooperation, and actively build cross-strait economic and trade negotiation platform, efforts to promote cross-strait "three links", make cross-strait economic and trade cooperation results can be more benefit compatriots on both sides. Chen Deming wants Taiwan to relax as soon as possible on cross-strait economic exchanges and trade restrictions, both sides work together to promote cross-strait common economic development and prosperity, to jointly cope with the economic globalization and regional economic integration challenges. he refers to today's round table; the topic is open; the communication is candid; the results are plentiful. Ramos, chairman of the Boao forum for Asia, was present at the meeting today. (Editor: admin)before the article was to introduce a series of bradyseism top running shoes matrix introduction, so this article will bring about a series of support. support series is also called stable series, usually for a low arch and there are people in the normal arch. this is the highest ratio of a series of stable models, with the first generation of the biggest difference is that the sho Cheap jordans online e upper and heel medial materials to enhance the change in feelings, before and after carrying Gel shock to enhance performance in the rubber buffer, the bottom of high elastic material and FluidRide double buffer in the bottom and make running more comfortable and smooth. The heel of the reinforcing stabilization system collocation series of Dynamic DuoMax stable double density anti tilt device and the bottom of the foot support stable, make the performance more stable support in running shoes. This is the reason that is stable in a series of the highest price because of its high performance compared to kayano and more preferential prices make it more appropriate by those who love to run. The biggest difference is that with Kayano cushioning performance, it is worse than Kayano wearing feeling comfortable cushioning performance, but it is lighter in weight at the same time in support of its effect is better, more suitable for those who need to wear high support and flat runners, of course, foot feet have been it is a big problem. type: normal foot, foot arch and flat single product link: Guide and the same as the top Ride 9 also uses a EVERUN cushioning technology, the 8 generation and the 9 generation of the biggest difference is in the foot on one soft and hard. Vamp uses light and solid Flexfilm upper technology, pay more attention to the durability of the upper, also is the palm EVERUN material placed close to the foot place like Ride, which is in the bottom of the insole, cushioning and feedback feeling are more obvious, and equipped with sauc-fit system to provide stable support performance. cheap foamposites At the same time the heel part before and after the use of 8 mm palm gap design, provides ample space for the foot on the ground. SAUCONY will support and shock fusion is very good, EVERUN has the advantages of excellent soft cushioning without purging force, but because after all there is no substantive support for those so severe flatfeet runners may not be appropriate to say, 8mm is very suitable for the sole thickness entering the runner can run better in the process of running power, for the foot transition to the forefoot running buffer can play a very good protection. type: normal foot, foot arch this is a highly stable running evaluation, stable system model is said North American sales of the first. The upper body of the shoe that almost seamless air permeability and inclusions are greatly improved, in the bottom of the BioMoGo DNA cushioning material provides good cushioning performance, and has good elastic feedback; the body of the shoe palm Crash Pad segment 〉 on May 20th the same day, JordanBrand will introduce a number of columns of white women's shoes, of which two silver color AirJordan11Low and AirJordan1 high popularity! all fresh and elegant white tones pass through the shoes, using similar Python skin burst texture shows people, faintly exudes pearlescent color, details are supplemented by high-quality leather rendering, to create a high standard of texture performance. Finally carrying white medium and translucent crystal outsole, the overall shape is quite unique, far sight eye-catching, near reward and exquisite extraordinary, really exciting! will be on sale in May Cheap foamposites for sale 20th, and the two popular colors will be put to the heart. How would you choose? AirJordan11LowGSPRMHC "FrostWhite" number: 897331-100 release date: May 20th offer price: $$175 AirJordan1GSPRMHC "FrostWhite" number: 832596-100 offer price: $$140Nike Blazer Mid Metric new color will be on sale at 2015-02-23 13:16:31 Nike launched Blazer Mid Metric in black and royal blue has been widely praised, seems to have hit a shot in the arm for the brand, the firm to carry on information. The day before the Nike in building a pair of red color for the double flavor of both the trend on the streets, I believe it would capture more sneaker, following the debut of New York, the shoes will be available for sale in the world in the near future, model 744419-600, interested friends may wish to look at. Supreme x Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ first exposure 2013-12-08 23:42:50 American trend giant Supreme has teamed up with Nike since the end of last year and earlier this year to launch a joint version of Air Force 1 and after Tennis Classic, the two sides will join hands again! From the exposure of the picture we can see that both the choice of shoes is a pair of Flyknit Lunar1+ shoes with black and gray Flyknit shoes as the main body, the side part of the shoe body printed with the words Supreme, Lunarlon on the bottom but also injected ink dot. Flyknit series shoes since the release has been active in the streets of the trend of the field, do not know the Supreme's great help, can push it to a new height?ASICS 33 natural run series compared to Kayano, Ninmbus, GT2000 and other well-known series from some fr Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale iends ran down. This allows after the introduction of the new 33 series of more embarrassing position. And the new 33 series of product line planning and Free Nike series of the concept is very similar. new 33 series, and 33 series. The most intuitive difference is the naming method. Will be in the past in the shoe section "XX-33", changed to "33-XX"". the 33-FA as a type of natural running shoes and configuration in the outsole heel FLUIDAXIS system and guide out the rotational movement of the foot naturally. At the end of the base is equipped with both the anti - elastic and flexible of the new material, and the use of a new type of light weight of the new SOLYTE. The FLUIDAXIS system, which is arranged on the heel part after the big bottom, guides the natural rotation movement of the foot. At the end of the base is equipped with both the anti - elastic and flexible of the new material, and the use of a new type of light weight of the new SOLYTE. Before and after the bottom of the high and low setting in the 4mm, the bottom of the design is slightly thicker than the 33-DFA, is to reduce the impact of the ground when the stability of the. one, the appearance of 33-FA the first eye appearance, some "heavy", there is no "natural run" concept as commonly thought of light, shaken after the discovery, 33-FA, although not to the fingers of the VFF shoes "barefoot" weight, still meet the light weight shoes standard. In this easy to deceive weight prediction of appearance, we still in the 33-FA can feel traditional asics running shoes design aesthetic requirements, the use of fabric material, TPU support, and so on. two, shoe upper first glance, you will feel 33-FA's upper three, sole soles of the hit design is lively and bright. FluidAxis: in order to improve the natural rotation, at the end of the heel is equipped with a curved groove. The effect of reducing the natural movement of the steps. AHAR: heel bottom using ASICS's own famous AHAR, so wear resistance is guaranteed. The height difference was 4MM before and after . 4mm gap value that will guide runner changed before the midfoot with, by letting the muscle, tendon parts to replace the knees to absorb the impact. Solyte ultra light in the end, a substantial reduction of the weight, so that 33-FA is more light. The box weighs 234 grams 8.5 yards. four, summary in recent years, such as "forefoot running", "no harm to run posture", "barefoot running hot, also early triggered a positive response from all the shoe factories. ASICS as one of the manufacturers to follow up the market earlier, from the 33 series to new 〉recently NEW BALANCE joint Singapore LIMITED EDT tide shop launched M577BST Vault limited running shoes. The use of black and gray color Singapore tide shop, local leather crocodile embossed and metal coating production, defined by the New Balance UK factory, with bag type dust bag. The shoes are divided into LIMITED EDT limited edition tide shop and global tide shop version, LIMITED EDT version will be launched in November 12th, the sale of only 180 pairs, using a special blue suede shoe; global tide shop version later in the 20 day sale, Chinese point of sale in Guangzhou Reaction shop. Nike ACG recently launched a new shoes Air Escape Holiday 2010. The Air Escape Holiday 2010 is mainly black color, joined the red and orange strong color matching, and with the soles of the distinctive Air Escape words, with special visual impact. It's on sale now, and a favorite friend can't miss it.Nike Sportswear hand in Liberty launched a new joint shoes 2013-12-08 22:18:00 July 16, Nike Sportswear and Liberty together again publish its by far the most compelling, the most groundbreaking sports shoes. After the launch of the coveted summer series, Nike will be a new, fresh, modern prints and bright colors applied to the casual shoes Nike + shoes and application of science and technology, this means that Nike Running is exploring a sense of having a future road, namely, the pursuit of performance from a single, both have to change shoes breakthrough appearance. To celebrate the upcoming global sporting event, the family effort to build a series of shoes, including the innovative Nike Flyknit running shoes and the other three, namely Nike LunarGlide +, Nike Free Run + and Nike Lunar Montreal. All models have consistently followed the Liberty bold design and use of new designs. The new design to abandon the traditional Liberty floral patterns, and the use of futuristic design, these Nike digital innovations Brilliance. These shoes selected from 1965 of Lotus Jazz Liberty prints, with a very modern design of the "runway" for the interpretation, by simple crisp monochrome color scheme, with dazzling neon-like color contrast, It gives a visual impact of having a dramatic effect. In addition, Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Dunk Sky High both classic shoes are quite popular in this new series, these products reflect the movement inspired by the concept of life, icing on the cake for the entire series. By using Nike + technology, sports shoes, runners can be recorded together with, the world's largest running community in the six million members, compare and share their running experiences. The launch of the Liberty X Nike Sportswear series running shoes use a lot of inspiration for Nike's most advanced technology, including dynamic support system and Lunarlon Nike Flywire technology, unprecedented comfort. Eye-catching prints and colors, as well as Nike Free Run + delicate fabric uppers of quality materials, so that these only for Liberty series tailored top design refreshing. 50 limited edition Nike Destroyer x Liberty jackets as shoes series of ancillary products for sale, these jackets Only store sales. Nike Destroyer x Liberty prints on jackets and shoes this season echoed product, such as retro-lined pockets decorative details and similar jacket Letterman 'L' and 'London' patch. Nike Destroyer Jacket as a classic college wind jacket, using high-quality materials were re-sewing, Nike's most classic, one of the most sought after products. Liberty x Nike Sportswear latest series from July 16 through online purchase, or to the famous Liberty London Regent Street store purchase. To celebrate the release of the series, when the shop windows and the interior of the main hall will be redecorated according to the movement style. August, China's Nike designated retail outlets will also be available for sale in the series of footwear. & nbsp;